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What would Marcel make of the Kindle? and the publishers have made a royal mess out of the dueling translations of In Search of Lost Time. You just can't trust what you read on the Amazon website, which mixes and matches translations, and even confuses one volume with another. However, I have tested all the links below. As always, I recommend the Penguin translations, although they've recently been cut back to the first four volumes as far as the American resident is concerned.

Kindle editions are now available in Amazon's British storefront, so I have linked to them below where the books have been listed. Alas, Americans can't buy ebooks from the UK store.

The Penguin Proust

  • Vol. 1 - Swann's Way (Lydia Davis, translator) Also available as The Way by Swann's in Britain

  • Vol. 2 - In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (James Grieve, translator) Also available in Britain

  • Vol. 3 - The Guermantes Way (Mark Treharne, translator) Also available in Britain

  • Vol. 4 - Sodom and Gomorrah (John Sturrock, translator) Also available in Britain

  • Vol. 5 - The Prisoner / The Fugitive (Carol Clark / Peter Collier, translators). Only available in Britain.

  • Vol. 6 - Finding Time Again (Ian Patterson, translator). Only available in Britain.

    Modern Library translations

  • Vol. 1 - Swann's Way

  • Vol. 2 - Within a Budding Grove

  • Vol. 3 - The Guermantes Way

  • Vol. 4 - Sodom and Gomorrah

  • Vol. 5 - The Captive / The Fugitive

  • Vol. 6 - Time Regained / A Guide to Proust

    Also of interest

  • À la recherche du temps perdu - The 1920s French editions are now in the public domain at a very reasonable price. Also available in Britain

  • Remembrance of Things Past in the original translations is likewise in the public domain, and an ambitious publisher has rendered it into a very good e-book with the modern title for 99 cents for all the entire work.

  • The 14-Minute Marcel Proust: Everyone's guide to the greatest novel ever written (this website, basically) Also available in Britain

  • Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time: A Reader's Guide to The Remembrance of Things Past (Patrick Alexander) Also available in Britain

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    The 14-Minute Marcel Proust

    1. Swann's Way | 2. In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower | 3. The Guermantes Way | 4. Sodom and Gomorrah | 5. The Prisoner | 6. The Fugitive | 7. Finding Time Again

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